About Us

Our Purpose

3mbConsult is a group of forward-thinking idealists readied (and abled, we might add) to bring a working prosperity model to personal, business, and philanthropic entities.

Our Mission

We are united in our tenacity for helping those who hope to passionately create wealth with personal meaning.  We support and empower our clients through knowledge and resource sharing, barrier reduction, individual and community investment, and the creation of diverse and sustainable wealth strategies.  In other words, not bad for a day’s work.

Our Values

  1. Prosperity is a human right, not a privilege.
  2. Unifying people, ideas, and resources allows business to reach greater heights. The same rule applies to communities.
  3. Money buys (and gifts) choices.
  4. We all have access to at least one of the 10 different types of capital each and every day.
  5. Change can be a constant force for good.
  6. Together, planning and resources can grow prosperity in communities.
  7. Everyone has a gift, and it’s your duty to share it.
  8. Sustainability isn’t just a goal but a necessity to survival.
  9. Wealth is deserving of direction and dedication.
  10. Life should support joy

Meet Our Team

Michael O Appiah

Michael O Appiah

Business Consultant | Decision Analytics’ & Global Consulting Practice


  • St. Mary’s University, MN; PhD Candidate [Corporate Finance & Entrepreneurship].
  • Hamline University, MN; MBA
  • Hamline University, MN; MPA

Consulting Expertise:

  • Acquisitions & Strategy Implementation in Originations Systems
  • Accounting and Portfolio Management
  • New Accounts Operations
  • Corporate Financial management
John Dassou

John Dassou

Business Consultant | Business Analysis & Project Management


  • Hamline University, MN; PhD Candidate in Public Administration (Policy Design and Public Finance)
  • Hamline University, MN; MPA

Other Expertise:

  • Data analytics consultant on projects
  • Research and Survey Design
  • Account Management

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